The Treadmill Effect


Many things have lots of purposes, but there’s always only ONE highest purpose. Things are not always used to their highest purpose. The desk in my office, for example, is used to simply hold papers and old bills. It’s not a work space. My grandmother’s oven is used to store pots and pans, not to bake.

Then we come to treadmill’s.

The highest purpose of a treadmill is to provide a cardio workout and improve heart health. Chances are, though, you’ve probably seen a treadmill not being used to its highest purpose. Perhaps the treadmill you’ve seen is being used to hang clothes, or store books and newspaper.

The idea of a “highest purpose” is the same for people. Sometimes the pressures of life feel overwhelming and we forget that our highest purpose is to worship God. We end up living out our own self-fulfilling purposes or feel like our life has no purpose at all.  King David provides a great example of how we can live out our highest purpose despite the challenges and difficulties life throws our way. Before he officially became king, his life was threatened multiples times, he had to flee his home and loved ones, and he endured war with several enemies. David certainly had his moments of doubt and worry, but he remembered one key thing: ” Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.” (1 Chronicles 16:11)

When the pressures of life come, don’t fall into the treadmill effect! Look to the Lord and live out your highest purpose!


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