Dessert First?

It was three days before my 8yr old love would perform in a series of four plays. I began to brainstorm on what to take as a Congrats. I decided that I’d purchase a small gift to give before the first play.

Gift before the performance? I know, it’s like dessert before dinner and gets some people shouting, “that’s out of order!” See, I wanted my love to know that they are Awesome, Gifted, Courageous–with or without a stellar performance. I couldn’t have it confused that the gift was based off performance.

Friends, this is similar to the way that Jesus loves you and I. There is not one thing we can do to earn His love. Not one. Not earned. Rather, His love is a gift. Relentless, unfailing, trustworthy love. You might feel you have to earn, fix up, hijack, or fake love from others but know Jesus loves you completely, just as you are!

We’d love to see your thoughts below (comment section)! Thank you for sharing this with others.


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